Montreal, ROASTED !

:: Cacao 70, Montreal

There are two things I learned in Montreal – Brunch & Crepe. I really do not know how, but they just make your day a lot more awesome than it is. Therefore, we just could not leave Montreal without trying one of the best brunch/dessert place – Cacao 70.


ImageWe began with Feel Good About Yourself which Caco 70’s House special pressedcrepe sandwish. The crepe was slightly grilled so it was a little crispy. Unlike other crepes that are usually on the cheesy, heavy side, feel good about yourself was rather light. The healthy combination of turkey, mushroom and tomato did not have a strong flavour. With the Swiss cheese which brought all the ingredients together in a minimalistic way, feel good about yourself was not too overwhelming for a good morning, but very refreshing and had certainly brighten my day up! Like the name, you do feel good about yourself after eating this!


According to the roasted acorn theory, eating something healthy means you can eat something unhealthy afterwards. Therefore, JW and I ordered the little bitter chocolate experience, which was one of the Cacao 70 experience. For $21.95, we definitely received more than what we paid for. This little bitter chocolate experience came with a dark chocolate fondue made, a freshly made dark chocolate waffle, strawberries, blackberries, banans, vanilla ice cream, a dark hot chocolate, and most importantly, our own personal grill to make our roasted marshmallow! It was definitely overwhelming but excited to see all these food layered out in front of you!

The dark chocolate chocolate in the fondue was very delicious and had a strong flavour of cocoa It was definitely not too sweet and helped to balance off the sweetness in the fruits and ice cream. We LOVED it. The freshly made dark chocolate waffle was nice and warm when it arrived to our table. Although we could not taste any chocolate flavour in the waffle, it was still deliciously good.


One of the exciting features of this little bitter experience was the personal grill used to roast the marshmallow. We were excited to see the pink coloured crystal in the grill that was burning and generating fire. The fire was not too strong so the marshmallow could be slowly roasted until the outer layer was golden and crispy while the inside was melted. Just like those perfect roasted marshmallow. Although it was a thrilling experience, it was just like roasted marshmallow at barbecue. Nothing crazy special.



One of a kind place in Montreal for brunch and dessert! Definitely must try! :)

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