ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Holy Chuck


The roasted acorn visited Holy Chuck once again yesterday, craving for their juicy burger and crispy fries. & it definitely matched up with our memories of how good it was!


JW re-ordered the grind n’ shine which is a double cheese burger featuring beacon and an egg. For eggs lover, this is a must. The patty was super juicy and their special sauce made it oh-so yummy. It also had a piece of potato chip in the burger that added an extra dimension to the burger!


I ordered the animal feed, wanting to compare it with “the option” from the burger priest . The animal feed was a deep-fried portobello mushroom stuffed with feta and cream cheese. I found it to be a little bit on the heavy side, a little too cheesy. But overall, it is very satisfying. & i like the animal feed better than the option from the burger priest because the one I had at the priest was not fully cooked and slightly cold.

Holy Chuck offers the type of fries that I LOVE. Other the fact that they are freshly made in-house with yukon potatoes everyday, they were not too crispy that would scratch the top of your mouth but not too soggy that it felt bleh. Therefore, I highly recommend their fries. A meal is never a meal when burger is not matched with fries anyways.


definitely one of the best burger places in town! MUST TRY!


Holy Chuck on Urbanspoon


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