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After a heavy brunch, we were looking for something light and new to try for dinner. Therefore, we decided to try cheese fondue at The Melting Pot. Firstly, we were truly disappointed at their service. We waited for awhile to be seated while the restaurant was half empty. And it took awhile for the server to come to our table and introduce the menu to us, not to mention that it took forever to find our server throughout the whole dinner. Also, she did not clearly explain the menu, misunderstood our questions and treated us in a rude manner.

As I mentioned, we were not very hungry. So we did not consider ordering any entree, especially when each entree was almost $30+ for each person, excluding the cheese fondue which was $11 per person. Therefore, we simply ordered the spinach artichoke cheese fondue. We were going to order the traditional swiss cheese fondue but the server said it is very heavy and then recommended the spinach artichoke cheese fondue. We decided to take her recommendation.

We assumed that entrees were real, cooked main course dishes as the server did not explain what an entree really is. It was not until we saw the next table then we realized that that entrees were actually uncooked seafood and meat which you would dip into the cheese and then cook it in there. If the server clearly explained them, we would have definitely tried them.


The server brought cheese, spinach, artichoke, tabasco and other ingredients to our table along with bread, tortilla chips, uncooked vegetables and granny smith apples for us to dip into the fondue. She prepared the cheese fondue by put all the ingredients into the pot until the cheese melted and all the ingredients were well-mixed.

The cheese fondue was actually very tasty. I am glad we took our server’s advice and went with the rather light spinach artichoke cheese fondue. The spinach and artichoke added a new dimension to the fondue so it was not only cheese, cheese and cheese. It made it a lot tastier and less heavy. Half way into the fondue, the cheese became a lot thicker so we added water into the fondue. We think that the water actually helped to make it easier for us to dip the bread into the cheese and made it more yummy since the inside of the bread was able to absorb more cheese. It is also a bonus at The Melting Pot that you can refill your bread, chips etc. as long as there is cheese in your pot. We refilled like 2 times since there were 4 of us, but each time the portion became smaller and smaller.

One of the reason why we did not order any entrees was because we always wanted to try their chocolate fondue. We went for the pure dark chocolate fondue because after eating a few fondue in Montreal, we realized that the bitterness of dark chocolate actually helps to bring out the sweetness of the fruits you dip into the fondue. It is also less overwhelming.


Our chocolate fondue came with strawberries, pineapples, bananas, two different special marshmallows, cheesecakes and brownies. Although it sounded like a lot, it was not the case. The plate above was for two people; the portion was too small for two people and not worth the value of what you paid for. Overall, I don’t think there was anything special about this chocolate fondue. It was very basic. If you have a few people, I would recommend you to do this at home. You will get even more fun than this.

Since we were really happy with the refill feature, we clearly asked the server is it the same where we can refill our fruits and stuff as long as there is still chocolate in the pot before ordering and she clearly said yes too! After spending 15 minutes looking for her and ask her for refills, she said no refills and each bowl of strawberry is $3. We were in shocked because we clearly asked and she clearly said yes. When we confronted her, she said she had never said that and she has worked here for 7 months and would not mislead us in a very rude manner.  She even said we have already eaten a 12 people portion of bread (but we refilled for two times only and the portion was really really small). We were really disappointed with the way she treated us.


not roasted. 

I would say that if you have never tried cheese fondue, this is a good place to try it for once only. But I found it rather expensive for the small portion and for the services I got. For chocolate fondue, don’t even think of this place. I think a lot of desserts restaurants do better than this.

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