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:: ND sushi & grill


Words cannot describe how much we LOVE japanese food. Our dream is to live in Japan and have Japanese food all day everyday one day. I know we will. But as for now, we are exploring different japanese restaurants all around the world. One of our favourite japanese restaurants in Toronto is ND sushi & grill. They do not offer crazy special sushi, but the fish is very fresh with a little bit of twist. This is how ND sushi & grill captures people’s hearts.

2013-01-04 20.03.06

We first ordered agedashi tofu. It was very crispy and fresh when it came to our table. Although the sauce was not very salty and slightly tasteless, I was able to taste a strong taste of tofu.

2013-01-04 20.29.30

We then ordered spicy sashimi bibim. It was very impressive and highly resembled Montreal Kazu’s Salmon & Tuna Bowl which we loved so much. The spicy sashimi bibim came with greens, a generous portion of sashimi, rice and a bowl of special sauce that tasted like the bibimbap spicy sauce with a hint of sesame. When mixed together, they tasted surprisingly good! The special sauce really complemented the sashimi. It was not too spicy and even helped to bring out the fish and greens’ freshness. The texture of greens, sashimi and rice mixed together was very interesting and unexpectedly harmonizing. We really enjoyed this dish. One of the best from ND sushi & grill.

We also ordered two rolls – Blue Ocean & Spicy Rainbow Roll.

2013-01-04 20.34.20

The blue ocean roll had hokkaido scallop, tobiko, avocado & cucumbers. This roll had a rather light taste and the main source of flavour was the freshness of the scallop. The tobiko gave a pop of flavour when you bit it. Overall, this roll highly contrasted with the spicy rainbow roll and I found myself eating them alternatively to cool down the hotness of the spicy rainbow roll.

2013-01-04 20.36.22

The spicy rainbow roll had seared tuna, salmon, butter fish layered on top,wrapped around prawn tempura, and most importantly, spicy oil drizzled on top that made this roll oh-so special. I have never had spicy sushi/roll/handroll like this kind. The spiciness did not hit me until I almost finished the piece of sushi in my mouth. Therefore, I was able to taste the actual flavour and freshness of the fish and the richness of the omega 3 oil after the sashimi was seared before savouring the spiciness of the oil. This was truly an amazing roll.



if you want good, fresh sushi rolls, definitely try ND sushi & grill. You will not be disappointed!
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