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:: Taro’s Fish

This will be a quick post about a quick lunch we had at Taro’s Fish.

2013-01-12 16.24.11

Taro’s Fish used to be part of J-Town a long time ago. Now, it is a tiny Japanese fish market located at Leslie and Sheppard where you can purchase all the ingredients you need for a home-made japanese meal. Taro’s Fish is famous for its extremely fresh fish. You can purchase sushi/sashimi party trays or fresh, uncut sashimi from Taro’s Fish as well. JW and I always buy sashimi from Japanese supermarkets and make our own japanese meals. Let us share his cooking with you when we have a chance! I got to admit that he is pretty good at cooking and is always able to imitate something new he tried from various restaurants. Anyways, Taro’s Fish does not have a restaurant yet a cooked food and sushi/sashimi section where you can order your food for take-outs (which is what most people do) or eat them in the store where a few seats are provided.

We ordered a few rolls and sushi:

– Toro with Green Onion Maki

– Spicy Scallop Roll

– Hamachi sushi

– Anago sushi

– Hotate sushi, and

– Salmon Sushi.

Even though the food at Taro’s Fish was on the expensive side given the environment and services provided (no services almost?), the fish was definitely in par with the authentic japanese restaurants in Toronto. One thing I want to mention is their Anago Sushi. It was the closest thing I have experienced in Toronto compared to the ones I had in Japan. The sauce of the Anago was light and not very rich flavour and therefore we were able to taste the natural taste of the salt-water eel. And this is the reason why I will always go back to Taro’s Fish.



Although slightly expensive for the environment and all the things that lack from a normal restaurant given its price, I think it is definitely worth it for the fish you get. After all, you are going to a restaurant for its food and nor decor right?

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