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:: The Garbardine

So I went to downtown to have a quick lunch with JW. We met around Bay and Queens and had no idea where to grab a quick lunch. After doing some research with the Urbanspoon app, we decided to go to a restaurant that we had never heard of. It was very close to us and had a relatively high rating, thus we decided to give it a shot.

2012-12-12 16.23.29

After entering The Garbardine, I immediately got super excited because I LOVEEEE restaurants of this kind. It was like a little coffe shop around the corner with modern-country style decor. Everyone was so intimate and chatty. The atmosphere was lively. The servers were so friendly. Everything looked perfect. So lucky that we came across this restaurant.

2012-12-12 13.44.09

I ordered the Shrimp po’boy sandwich, one of the two dishes that our server recommended.

I DIED. I never expected to find such a sandwich on earth. The sandwich came with a trusty combination of fried shrimps and tomato relish which highly resembled sweet and sour sauce commonly found in thai cuisine. The bread was not so hard so it did not take away the crispiness of the fried shrimps. It was like everything I love in one little sandwich, so much love in one bite. After my first bite, I already knew that I will come back to garbardine for this heavenly sandwich.

2012-12-12 16.31.35

JW ordered to mac & cheese, with ham added, the other dish that our server recommended.

The melted cheese layered on top went pretty well with the macaroni covered by a creamy, white sauce. The ham tasted a little like bacon and was fairly tendered. Overall, the mac & cheese was not as amazing as the sandwich. Also, comfort food like these tend to get a little overwhelming after a short while. JW said he probably won’t order it again next time.

2012-12-12 14.00.49



I LOVE THE SHRIMP PO’BOY SANDWICH. Maybe just because I am a shrimp lover. However, the mac & cheese was fairly ordinary and nothing surprising. I will definitely come back for the sandwich and maybe grab a coffee to go with the whole little coffee shop/laid back atmosphere. It is noted that the food came pretty fast so prefect for those who want a quick lunch in downtown.

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