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Happy belated valentines day!

Hope you all had a wonderful one! For this special occasion, JW and I decided to visit JaBistro, a new Japanese restaurant added to the chain of restaurants opened by the owner of Guu, James Kim.

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Arriving around 8, the atmosphere was rather calm and filled with people chatting quietly which echoed with the wooden design and beige brick wall of the restaurant. The decor highly resembled Kinton Ramen in Toronto as they were from the same interior designer. And as usual, we requested to sit at the bar.


One thing I want to mention is that JaBistro’s menu was rather simple – there were only sashimi platters, sushi sets and their special salad/cooked dishes. There wasn’t a list of a la carte sushi/sashimi or daily fresh fish. If we didn’t sit at the bar and eye at the sushi that the chef was making, we wouldn’t know that wagyu sushi exists! So remember to ask your server for recommendations or if you are interested in a particular type of fish.

We began our adventure at JaBistro with Wagyu sushi and Blue Fin Tuna Otoro sushi. These two sushi totally blew our minds off and this was exactly how we expected our journey at JaBistro should be.


A good otoro sushi in a Japanese meal is like the cherry on top, it just perfects everything & JaBistro did it just right. The otoro sushi instantly melted and the fish oil just kept on squirting into our mouths. The amount of rice was just right that every single piece of rice was covered with fish oil. What a wonderful piece.


We have never had Wagyu Sushi before so JW was very excited to try this. When ordered, our server asked whether we want the wagyu to be served raw or torched. We decided to have ours slightly torched in order to bring out the flavour in the meat.

The Wagyu sushi was absolutely overwhelming and quickly became our favourite dish of the night. The wagyu was extremely tender and seemed like it would melt in our mouths. After a few bites, the juice was slowly released from the meat and was very very tasty and flavourful. When mixed with the rice, it was just mind-blowing.


Next, we had the sashimi platter with lobster. There was a generous amount of different sashimi, and most importantly, lobster sashimi. And of course, they were very fresh.


JaBistro offered three kinds of dipping – a sweet soy sauce, sea salt with lemon and a premium soy sauce. We enjoyed the sweet soy sauce a lot. It was slightly sweeter than normal soy sauce and helped to elevate the freshness of the sashimi. On a side note, the wasabi was freshly ground by the chef.


The upper half of the lobster from the sashimi platter was made into a miso soup. It arrived our table close to the end as it was freshly made upon orders. The soup was very sweet compared to ordinary miso soup because of the lobster. Even for me who doesn’t like miso soup, I enjoyed it a lot.


We also ordered Kani ( soft shell crab with chilli). The soft shell crab was nicely fried and crispy. The juice from the crab was locked inside the crab and started dripping once we bit into it. The chilli added a nice dimension to the crab otherwise it would be rather plain on its own. Overall, it was very delicious and I would like to try more of the cooked dishes from JaBistro next time as many of the combinations are totally new and unheard of (i.e. Black Cod, Bacon and shrimp toast).


We also had the aburi sushi set which came with 7 blowtorched sushi including JaBistro’s special ebi, saba and salmon oshizushi. I would recommend this dish to anyone who visit JaBistro as you can try all of their special sushi and, needless to say, they were amazing. Torched sushi always bring out that special power in ordinary sushi and bring them onto another level.


We really enjoyed to ebi and salmon oshizushi from the aburi sushi set that we ordered half of each afterwards. Oshizushi is different from ordinary sushi as all the ingredients are packed inside a box and pressed very hard until they form into a rectangular prism. Although the oshizushi was pressed very hard, the sushi rice did not become too firm or mushy at all. It remained its softness and a reasonably amount of space between the rice. The texture was extraordinary. Very impressive. For the Ebi oshizushi, mayo with pesto was added to the sushi and torched and went very well with the crisp texture of the shrimp. The salmon oshizushi was torched with mayo and a piece of Jalapeno was then added on top to add a hint of spiciness to the salmon. They were equally delicious and I will definitely order them again next time.


We finished off this amazing meal with Ringo, Fuji apple compote and vanilla ice cream. Although the apple compote was slightly bitter, the vanilla ice cream balanced it off so the apple was not too bitter and the dessert was not too sweet. I love this dessert, especially with all the almond and pistachio layered on top.




I wish I can come here everyday but it is impossible given its price haha. But it is just simply amazing and we will definitely come back, especially for their JaBistro roll as it wasn’t available this time. So once a month hopefully? :)

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