ROASTED !, Toronto

:: Ema-Tei Japanese Restaurant

We brought my cousin who was visiting us from New York to Ema-Tei. The reason why we chose Ema-Tei was because most japanese restaurants offer only little dishes that are hard to share between a large group of people. But Ema-Tei’s sukiyaki solves this problem. Also, it encourages interaction between people as you help people to add and get what they want. This is what I always look for when dining with a group of friends.


:: The beef and a variety of vegetable came on a plate uncooked along with a gas stove and heated pan. Then, the server would place about 1/3 of the food on the heated pan and add the sukiyaki sauce into it. They were ready to serve when the sauce was heated up and the food was cooked. According to your own pace and preferences, you can slowly add the rest of the food into the pan afterwards.

It is highly recommended to share this dish with at least 3-4 four people even though it is intended for two (according to their menu). JW and I tried eating the sukiyaki once with just us two and we were very very stuffed after that.

photo 4

Although these were not the best beef, they were still very tender. The vegetable was delicious after absorbing all the flavour from the sauce. Generally, sukiyaki sauce is mix of mirin sauce, soya sauce, sake and plenty of sugar and hence its saltiness and sweetness. It is very tasty however it can be very salty after awhile. Therefore, we had to add diluted sukiyaki sauce to dilute the saltiness (given to us at the beginning). At the same time, we preferred serving the sukiyaki with rice to balance out the strong flavour. Overall, I really enjoyed the sukiyaki. However, it is noted that the sauce didn’t taste exactly the same every time we visited Ema-Tei.

2013-05-25 21.17.49

We also ordered sushi and grilled mackerel. They were well done and lived up to our expectations.

photo 2

photo 1



Ema-Tei is one of the traditional japanese restaurants found in Toronto. We like to visit it every now and then for their sukiyaki and curry! Also, it is not too hard to get a table when you walk in at 7-8pm. Therefore, Ema-Tei will continue to be one of our favourite places for some japanese food other than ramen and sushi.

OH ONE MORE THING! We are now on instagram! Since we can get a little lazy with updating the blog sometimes, JW and I decided to join instagram to post pictures and give instant review of the food we had which can range from restaurants to street food. So follow us on instagram @theroastedacorn. For those who don’t have instagram, you can still meet us at ! See you there!

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